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CLIENT: Oprah Winfrey / OWN

PROBLEM Oprah and her network have a strong brand and an abundance of content that typically performs well online. However, her social media strategy lacked focus and her network’s presence on Twitter and Facebook did little to drive offline tune-in. SOLUTION I crafted weekly reports, analysis, and recommendations for Oprah’s personal social media presence, and […]


CLIENT: BET Networks

  PROBLEM 106 & Park is a music video show targeting African-American teenagers. At the time of my hiring, the show only maintained an online presence on it’s own site, but nowhere on the social web. SOLUTION I found that Twitter over-indexed in 106′s target demo of young African-Americans. Also, a community around that show […]

Russell Simmons

CLIENT: Def Jam Enterprises

PROBLEM Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Enterprises provides marketing and advertising services for fashion, film, and gaming. At the time Mr. Simmons wanted to make a play on the web, so his team recruited me to provide my content expertise to his new venture, Global Grind. SOLUTION I was hired by Def Jam Enterprises as a consultant […]

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Content Quality

Dan Dooley on Quality and Value in Content Marketing

My neighbor in Greensboro, NC is Pace, a Content Marketing Agency. Their SVP of Digital Solutions, Dan Dooley wrote a POI on creating quality and value in content, a topic I’ve been obsessing about. I enjoyed his take, and wrote a summary of his thoughts below: Content Marketing for Brands is Exploding Content marketing as […]


The Future of Social TV, with Gary Vaynerchuk

I threw the toughest questions about Social TV to Gary Vaynerchuk, and he hit a home run with each one. I ask: Will the web destroy the television business? Can the social web truly drive tune-in? Apps vs content – where should a television show spend its digital dollar? What’s the biggest mistake marketers and […]

Sex (Doesn’t) Sell

Fortune Magazine published a revealing article about the movie business, which found that Hollywood focuses more attention and money on sex and violence filled flicks, even though they are not as profitable as family movies. A quote: This trend- G-rated movies are good for business but underproduced; R-rated movies are bad for business, and yet […]